Thursday, May 23, 2013

24-6-SPACE opens with "In Form"

June 13-July 13, 2013

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11-6, (Closed July 4-6)


Jose Camacho Linda Herritt, Tom McGlynn, Gary Petersen, Alexandra Rojas, Kikuo Saito, Roger Sayre, Kate Teale, Tenesh Webber

24-6-Space is pleased to present its inaugural exhibit "In Form”. This exhibit focuses  on abstraction, with artists  working in a  wide variety of mediums, including drawing, painting,  sculpture and photography. What unites this group is a sense that abstract form can often is the most efficient means to express phenomenal experiences, along with symbolic ideas. These artists tend to work the seam between abstraction and representation with lyrical, and thought provoking results.

All of the artists presented are deeply involved in  pushing their chosen medium past received notions of representation and categorical definitions of drawing,  painting, sculpture and photography. The show’s title ,“In Form”, not  only designates an interest  in shape but also in conceptual method and content.

Jose Camacho plays with text and form derived from his native Puerto Rico. Using
vernacular language and minimalist contours he figuratively maps a very specific cultural
landscape. Linda Herritt uses word as form. Her drawings of text extrapolated from generic sources are made with watercolor and colored pencil on paper. Tom McGlynn’s paintings on wood panel are minimal in form yet play with color combinations reminiscent of popular culture. Gary Petersen also works with abstract form. His paintings stretch and morph the picture plane with a wildly varied palette. Alexandra Rojas works with more subdued tonalities, which offset her pigment composition’s intense physicality. Kikuo Saito’s gesture and color as well as found text in some of his reductive paintings on magazine pages. Roger Sayre explores photography as a means to express duration and color interaction in compositions that often recall classic abstract painting. Kate Teale is a painter who is uniquely aware of how her medium powdered  graphite informs the subjects of her work. Her compositions derived from bedscapes and seascapes play form and content against medium. Tenesh Webber has developed her own photographic processes out of manipulating sculptural forms to derive her photograms of  fields of shapes and lines.

In Form presents  a varied cross section of contemporary artistic practice. The artists push their own expectations of where the boundaries of form mesh with content, sharing an interest in just how their work gets physically made, to offer work, which is both conceptually rigorous and formally sensual.

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New York, NY 10010
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